Tecnología Educativa

Today, Education and Technology in all its aspects, are closely linked and present from early childhood education to the PhD whose main objective is training of individuals in the teaching — learning process in a structured educational organization.

Information Technology (IT) in the field of education, help teachers to be trained for the purpose of educating and supporting students to latter learn, in an effective, efficient and optimal, to use this set of tools.

Educationally speaking, IT can be a set of fundamental tools for those who suffer from psychomotor difficulty, anxiety disorder, hyperactivity, and/or physical disabilities.

This Web site, plus consulting services offered to end-users, public and private universities, worldwide, also published specific articles relating to the subject matter, with the intention of raising or raise awareness of what important and essential it is, for these individuals, the tool, allowing them to develop their intellect in order to apply it in their professional and personal lives.



2008 to 2011. PhD student in Quality and Assessment of Institutions, Programs and Psychopedagogic Intervention. Faculty of Education. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain.

2007 to 2008. Graduate: Master in Management and Quality Management for Educational Centers. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid, Spain.

1995 to 2000. Degree: Computer Systems for Management. Universidad del Valle de Mexico. Mexico city.


July 2012 to date. Self-contained consultant in the field of Educational Technology.

April 2002 to date. Columnist in several magazines, via online and printing in Mexico and Spain. Today on Educational Technology.

November 2010 to June 2012. Professor, in various computer applications, to personnel of different categories across the various training centers, shelters and schools, these last, individual-centered teaching in Spain.

2008 to 2009. Charge of the area's computer department and Diagnostic Research Methods in Education (MIDE, by its spanish acronym), faculty of Education. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

2005 to 2007. Systems Consultant and Internet end users and enterprises. Lecturer in computer science and computer engineering at national and international conferences.

2003 to 2007. Professor of computer and Internet to end users in Mexico.

2001 to 2007. Project Leader Systems and Web sites for end users and business in Mexico.

1996 to 2007. Volunteer work in developing websites, systems and installation of computer centers in Mexico.


2014 to date. Member of the Re-Thinking Education: ICTs for education

2012 to date. Member of the Organization of American States for Education, Science and Culture (OAS, for its acronym in english)

2012 to date. Member of Sourcezilla Web project

2001 to date. Member of the Developer Community La Web del Programador


System entitled "Assessment of diagnostic tests 4th. Primary Education and 2nd. Secondary Education (SE) in reading, mathematics and Castilian Language and Literature" of the community of Madrid. Made WebQuiz XP, PHP and MySql aimed to evaluate the academic performance of students in the subjects mentioned above, in five schools. Led by the Complutense Group Research: Measurement and Evaluation of Educational Systems (MESE, by its spanish acronym) MIDE department of the faculty of Education. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. April to May, 2009.

Registration System Assist Control (RSAC). Developed in Visual Basic 2005 Express and Access 2003, which displays assists and absences and the percentage of the latter, showing all the modules of training courses offered at the Center of Technological and Social Studies (CETYS, by its spanish acronym) Besides observing the operation and listen to the boards that are made therein. Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. February to May, 2008.

Artificial Intelligence Program entitled "The ideal dog". Executed in Exsys Professonal (CORVID) that allows the customer to present features of existing dog breeds, according to the needs of it and before purchase, display properties such as: budget, character, size, activity, among others. Universidad del Valle de Mexico. June, 1999.


Scholarship from the General Foundation of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) across MIDE department of the faculty of Education. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 2008 to 2009.

Scholarship from the Foundation Scholarship, AC along with the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Madrid, Spain. 2007 to 2008.

Recognition as a graduate stationed abroad, by the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) in his magazine number 5 entitled "Link" from the community of alumni of the UVM. March 16th to 31th, 2009. Link - Newsletter de la Comunidad de Egresados de la UVM

Consulting and Web development

Then, shown a number of services that can be applied individually and / or in groups, depending on the specific characteristics required for each customer:

1. Diagnostic of computer literacy level

2. Diagnostic of the level in the use of computer tools in general

3. Diagnostic of the level of autonomous learning

4. Analysis, design, development and implementation of an online computer education model, according to customer requirements for the implementation of autonomous learning

5. Training of teachers and trainers to understand, manage, and implement appropriate strategies to teach and advise students in the use of educational computer model in question

6. Assessment, a posteriori, the model applied to the client computer

7. Integration of services and additional online tools

For Web development services are offered:

1. Analysis, design and development of portals to customized

2. Maintenance and positioning in Internet Web Project


In this section, only, will be published the articles, in various online journals, current month:

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So, they are invited to monitor reading, writing suggestions and comments and discussion on the following Web links: in my personal Blog, Globedia, author of these lines, on the topic of Educational Technology and as ICT issues published in Sourcezilla and the Article.org of previously published articles. Each of the links are in Spanish version.


Pedro Torres-Ruiz, M. D., PhD S.

Mexico and Spain

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